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Custom Artwork from your photo

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Your Custom Hand-made Portrait Painted

You wouldn't have to sit still in front of the artist for hours together and end up paying thousands of dollars as commission fees to get your professional portrait painted. At you can now get it done at a much affordable cost. We wouldn't call ourselves Cheap Portrait Service, however, we would term our service as the best and most affordable one.

Having a self portrait painted 

Was always within reach of the the idle riches traditionally with ample time and money to spare. Ever saw your own picture and thought, “ How I wonder this would turnout as a painting,” works with a team of highly professional and talented artists who can turn your painting from photo, capture the precious moment and deliver it within fifteen days. A Painting from your photo within fifteen days? Yes that is our guarantee 

Family Heirlooms Painting

A portrait painting makes an amazing family heirloomg. Theme Paintings get passed down from one generation to the next.

Painted Portrait Painting Gift

A portrait makes every occasion a graceful occasion, be it wedding anniversary, birthdays, valentine's gifts, college graduation ceremonies, or child birth. Best part about paintings is that we offer Free Photo Restoration Service. We work with artists that are specialists that can turn your blurred / old photos into paintings. Please view samples in our gallery section. Custom Paintings also work great if you have numerous pets. Imagine making them all sit together for a perfect photo to turn into a portrait. How difficult and tedious would it be! We make it easy for you. We can take individual pictures of your pets and combine them all together into one single painting.

Pencil Portraits

Pencil portraits bring your photo to life using subtle strokes of pencil thus adding dimension to every detail of the portrait. we offer standard pencil portraits and premium pencil portraits to suit your style and budget. Our professional artists study the source photograph skillfully and then after hours of analysis and detailing they start working on your portrait laying special emphasis on the eyes. With each pencil layer the pencil portrait artist builds darker values. This process continues methodically until the eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, ears and neck all have the appropriate value and texture. Thus creating the base of contours and textures. As the drawing progresses, the portrait artist keeps adding more detail and shading. All shading was done lightly at first, and then darkened progressively the pencil strokes are kept fine and small. This way, the artist is able to retain a "realistic" and "detailed" look to the pencil portrait.

You will be thrilled when you receive the portrait as we promise you that it will certainly be more than what you were expecting.

Pencil portraits are a timeless piece of artwork and will always look stylish and classy in any room, even if you change the décor your portrait will never look out of place. Pencil portrait looks good in modern interiors as well as in the more classically designed interiors.

Customportraitart offers you 100% handmade custom portraits starting from only $59 for standard pencil portrait. We draw your portrait from a source photo thus saving you from sitting for long hours in front of the artist. All you have to do is to send us a photograph and select one preview from the drafts we send you so that we can start commissioning your portrait. We can make changes in the portrait throughout the process.

Portrait artists

Portrait artists enjoyed great popularity when photography was still at its infancy. The practice of portrait drawing developed at the end of the Middle Ages and its importance grew during the Renaissance. Even in modern times with the most sophisticated cameras and digital technology available portraits still remain a choice of people with a taste and class. Portraits are a very special way to preserve those special moments of your life and our portrait artists help you create the magic. Profile view, full face view, and three-quarter view, are three common designations for portraits, each referring to a particular orientation of the head of the individual depicted. Portrait artists have to pay greater attention to details specially when working from a two-dimensional artwork like a photograph rather than when painting when the person is sitting in front of the portrait artist.

Portrait artists have an eye for detail along with immense talent and dedication to bring your dream portrait to reality in the form of a 100% handmade custom portrait. Portraits take time to complete depending on the size of the drawing, the complexity of the pose, and how much drawing practice the artist has. Our most experienced portrait artists are therefore chosen to make rush orders perfectly for you so that the quality of your portrait is not compromised and you get the best quality handmade portrait in a very less time.

Our professional portrait artists are excellent in making portraits from photos. The quality of work is same even with old and faded photographs. We understand that sometimes an old worn out photo is all you have and taking care of your feelings attached to the photo our team with our portrait artists create a masterpiece artwork for you.


Renaissance was a very important point in the history of portrait artists, portrait painting in general reached a new level of balance and harmony and the greatest artists were geniuses Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Great realism of portrait artist was now due to finer brush strokes and effects possible with oil colors .

The main essence of work of a portrait artist is to capture the very nature of the subject in the source photograph so that the emotions are reflected on the face and specially the eyes in the portrait. So that every time you see the portrait the magic of that precious moment gets recreated, and all you have on your face is a smile. That is why the main intent of the portrait artist is to display the likeness, innocence, personality, and even the mood of the person in the commissioned portrait. As Aristotle said "The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality."

A portrait artist may use various mediums like oil paints, pencil, charcoal; pastel colors or water colors depending upon the effect desired by the subject.Genrally a portrait artist builds up many thin layers of color to achieve a lifelike impression. This is the most effective way to create the translucent and subtle transitions by the portrait artist. This method adopted by the portrait artist is very time consuming but when you see the results you realize that the painting is well worth the wait.

It is always the instincts the portrait artist has that direct him to paint in the right direction thereby creating a masterpiece from a simple source photograph with proper understanding of effective composition or color structure.

Client Testimonials

Just received my painting and I am amazed by its quality and the fine detailing. You capture ever bit of details possible. Indeed amazing. I will certainly come back!

Christina Graves 

You made Peter's portrait absolutely amazing. Everyone loved it! Thanks for being so patient with me during the process. I absolutely loved your customer service!

Illeana Baran 

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